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Electric Vehicle Insurance

Looking for Nissan electric vehicle insurance? Get a quote from us today for your new Nissan Leaf, E–NV200 Combi or E–NV200 Van. Cover also includes added benefits.

Electric car insurance

Why look elsewhere for car insurance for electric cars when you can get a quote directly from Nissan Insurance? We provide specialist Nissan Leaf car insurance so you can get your electric car covered with those who know your vehicle inside and out.

We know you will have put a lot of thought into your decision to buy an electric car from a Nissan dealership, so it will put your mind at ease to know that our insurance policies are just as well considered.

Our comprehensive insurance cover is packed full of features in the event that you need them. If you need us after an accident, we will use a Nissan Approved Repairer to work on your electric car, using only genuine Nissan parts. We understand how important it is for you to keep the performance of your car at its very best.

Electric combi insurance

As a larger family, you may have decided that an electric combi passenger van is more convenient for your household. Our electric vehicle insurance also covers the E-NV200 Combi, so you can still get the same specialist cover for your larger electric car. With space for all your passengers, luggage and kit, the E-NV200 Combi is a practical option if the Nissan Leaf is too much of a squeeze for your needs.

Electric van insurance

Nissan Insurance also provide electric vehicle insurance for the E-NV200 Van, meaning you can benefit from our comprehensive cover for your next generation transport. It's simple to get an electric vehicle insurance quote from Nissan Insurance, just follow the link to fill out your details.

The benefits insuring your electric vehicle with us

We think you will agree that no one is better placed to ensure your Nissan is repaired to the highest standards than we are.

In the event of an accident, we provide our expert services to get you back on the road. As part of our cover for electric vehicles, we:

  • Use Nissan Approved Repairers
  • Use Nissan Certified Technicians
  • Repair your car using techniques and equipment specified by Nissan
  • Use genuine Nissan parts
  • Guarantee the repair for 3 years
  • Preserve any remaining Nissan warranty on your car
  • Maintain the safety rating on your Nissan


Want to learn more about Nissan Insurance for different models? Click through to the model of your Nissan for the most relevant information.